Help for freeCodeCamp

I LOVE freeCodeCamp! And I love this whole community of geeky creatives digging into code and helping each other in the process. As I was digging in, I thought, “Why not post things I learn along the way?” That way, others can benefit from the time I spent trying to figure something out. Yes, there is meritFree Code Camp to figuring things out on your own, but sometimes it’s a waste of time. So, here are chronological links to things that I figured out as I followed the FCC green brick road on my way to see the wizard.

Record Collection – Updating Data Structures

Time Element and Datetime Attribute with ā€œZā€

Basic JavaScript: Escape Sequences in Strings

Basic JavaScript: Word Blanks (Functions)

Use the Bootstrap Grid to Put Elements Side by Side

Target a Specific Child of an Element Using jQuery

Build a Tribute Page