Learn to Code Resources – Where to Start

When I started my coding journey, my first question was, “Where do I start?” I like books, so I bought a book on how to make a website. That led me to books on html and css. They were very helpful! When I had my pages built, my next quest was to figure out how to get them loaded on the web. People kept saying, “Why don’t you use WordPress?” They told me that building pages with html and css was old school. After trying a number of methods, including WordPress, Learn to Code Resources and Where to StartI learned that for simple sites which don’t require customer interaction, simply uploading my pages to my web hosts’s server is preferable, because WordPress is too complex for Read More »

Libraries versus Frameworks versus Toolkits for Noobs

The definitions of library, framework, and toolkit are fuzzy. When I first googled the subject, the most common response I read was something obscure about inversion of control. Any noob worthy of noob status would be wrinkling their forehead at this. You call the library but the framework calls you? WTF does that mean? So, before diving in to noobier explanations, just know that there are shades of gray between each category. For example,  Django can be referred to as both a framework and a library for Python. Toolkits can be libraries. Frameworks can be libraries. But libraries can’t be frameworks.

Libraries, together, can form a toolkit or framework.jQuery is an example of a programming library

A library is a collection of resources used to perform tasks that are often used in web development. It’s a collection of pre-compiled modules that you can use in your program. Read More »

Git and Github for Noobs

Git is open source (free!) version control software which anybody can download and install on their computer. Have you ever downloaded something on your PC which f’d it all up, and then done a system restore to a time in the past that you knew your PC was working? That’s sort of what git can do for development projects. Each time you save a version of the project by performing a commit, a new version of the files is compressed and saved. Old versions are not written over.

You can use git on your computer without internet. When used locally, you control git using the command line. In iWorld, this is called the terminal. Using the command line can seem intimidating because most of us are accustomed to friendlier interfaces.

Besides version control, git also allows people to work on branches of code, which can be added to the main branch, or trunk, if approved.

GitHub is a code repository service which is also free. A repository, or repo, is a fancy word for the master folder of a project. Github’s main goal is to help people collaborate on coding projects.github coder girl with laptop and coffee Read More »